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Batch Starts on May 03, 2024

Beyond Boundaries

In the dynamic landscape of evolving future trends and propelled by the impetus of progressive National Education Policy, acquiring proficiency in Robotics, AI, Coding, and Drones has become an imperative for students. These technological skills have transitioned from being optional to essential, ensuring that students are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern educational and professional arenas.

With over a decade of industry experience, we, Fipras, are specialists in delivering technology education and nurturing students into astute observers, strategic thinkers, and innovative creators, thus preparing them for a great future.

Robotics – A Deep Dive

Dive deep into Robotics expertise, by learning to assemble and program 6-8 cutting-edge robots. Empower your future with innovation as you synthesize knowledge to create groundbreaking robotic solutions. Be at the forefront of technological evolution, ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

From Class 3 to Class 8

Level 1 to Level 7

Frequently Asked Questions?

Robotics is the future. As like we are in a Computerized world, we will be in a Robotic World in the near Future. Learning Robotics will give knowledge in Mechanical, Electronics, Electrical and Programming.

Learning Robotics in Android Robo gives additional values like increased observation, cause & effect, thinking and creativity.

Students will be future ready.

They will learn Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Programming.

They will be more interested in Robotics using which we will induce more

  • Observation – Cause and Effect – Through Applications
  • Thinking – Through Work Book
  • Creativity – Through Innovative Robot

Programmable Robot..

Runs in 10 V Batteries. So wireless and safe..

Cost Effective..

Have updations for long years. So more learning..

2 D. So it enables innovations..

All the components can be viewed as it is open..

Book – Easy to understand book

Work Book – Used in Thinking, attracts parents, we use it to understand the understanding of the Students.

Certificate – At the end of the course..

Kit cannot be given for this fees. Interested students shall buy if they need it at home.

The box cost is Rs. 15000. 8 Robots can be built on pre-designed. N number of Robots can be innovated. Equivalent box is more than Rs. 30000

That is what our motto is, we make them believe that Robotics is so simple..

Also our strength is our Method of Teaching, which reiterates the students to understand the concepts.

You will feel a difference.

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